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Season 2019

OLR results

One loft races (OLR) are hot. Such lofts are sprouting up all over the world. And the participation in it is constantly increasing. You can therefore win serious cash prizes with it, of course depending on the stake that is also seriously high. But there are also competitions where you can enter for a reasonable price. Say for yourself, what could be fairer than a one-loft race? All pigeons are cared for under the same conditions, all suffer from the same wind and location. The only unfair thing about it is that there is no limit to the number of pigeons you submit. And a number of people realize that well and they sometimes basket 100 pigeons in one race. Nevertheless, it is a fun pastime. You can follow the (training) flights at home on your computer and if you reach the final (which is often quite difficult), then you can take holidays and fly there to experience the arrivals live.

For us this is the second season that we participate in these OLRs (One Loft Races). The great thing about one-loft races is that you can also experience it together with others. Together with our friend and partner Hsu we started with a few pigeons in China and we immediately reached the 80th place in the final in an OLR with around 10,000 !!!! pigeons started. We also participated with 6 pigeons in Pattaya (Thailand) and there we achieved in the semi-final over 420 km the 6th place. This pigeon, however, came loose ahead, but unfortunately did not run fast enough over the arrival antenna and thereby lost a very nice cash prize. That too is a loft racing.

My colleagues at the Bank of course also know that we have pigeons, and the idea came up to make a pot and then participate in various OLRs. Under the name M. & M. Kramer / The Flying Bankers we participated in two races last year, namely the Ostseeflug Usedom in Germany and the Algarve Great Derby (AGD) in Portugal. In Germany we were able to participate and we took money in the final, which actually went a little too fast. More than 1700 mpm over 500 km. The final of the AGD was very tough and we ended in a nice 57th place. Moreover, we had the 6th Ace pigeon. Pretty handsome with 1894 registered pigeons.

It tasted like more, so the pot was expanded. This year we participate (again) in the Algarve Great Derby and we participate in the heavy Derby Costa del Sol, whose loft is located in Malaga (Spain). Today the confirmation came that our pigeons can come along well in the international violence. In Portugal we play on a 200 km flight. 11-59-61-164-203 against 1935 pigeons (8 along / 8 at home) 50% 1 in 10. In Spain we play in the semi-final over 303 km the 6th prize against the 885 remaining pigeons (3 entered).

We have also formed a team with a few top fanciers from the Zaan region (Kat, Faber, Braspenning, Kuijt and Kramer). We participate in the AGD under the name “Zaanse Boys”. A pigeon from Kat achieved today the 27th place for this team against 1935 pigeons.

To be continued.

Derby Costa del Sol – Halve finale – 303 km – 11th Septembre 2019

6/883: NL19-1549591 – Multiplier – ´High Impact´ x ´Humming Sky´ (Bakker x Verkerk)

Algarve Great Derby – 3rd Race – 200 km – 11th Septembre 2019

11/1935: NL19-1549527 – Algo Trader – ‘Jens’ x ‘Shannon’ (100% Kramer)

NPO Fontenay F35 (513 km), 31st August 2019


Lennik N35 (190 km), 31st August 2019

It’s not always a party … and you could see it coming.

The forecast for Saturday, August 31: Southeast wind and warm. Then you have to start thinking about whether you want to take the risk of basketing your entire racing team. Because experience shows that this weather type usually does not yield flights that run smoothly. However, we have decided to go for it. The pigeons were fine and have already had many difficult flights and have always come home (early). Also considered to basket only the hens, but this year we always have cocks in front so we did not dare. So we have deliberately taken the risk of going for it.

The first test came in the morning with a follow-on flight from Lennik (193 km.). For this we have a team of around 30 very inexperienced pigeons. This concerns late youngsters, injured pigeons that have recovered and those left behind who came home weeks later. In short, not really a team that you can expect. Moreover, only their 2nd official race. Released at 8.30 am with relatively little wind, they nowadays reach 90 km per hour so the expected arrival time was somewhere between 10:25 and 10:35.

At the same time (10:29) that the first time appears in the club app, a red cock hangs high above the loft and seems to enjoy the thermics because he floats and chirps for a long time. At a certain moment he decides to come down and at the same time that he taps the antenna, a pigeon comes flying like a spear to the valve and therefore finishes 1 second earlier. Then one arrived even more beautiful and faster than the other and it was really enjoyable. With a 5th and 6th place against 1,512 pigeons and an excellent prize percentage, that gave a lot of confidence for the Fontenay afternoon flight.

But how different was it.

With compuclub live stand by the arrivals were followed and the expected arrival times were adjusted. In order to beat the (then) fastest South Holland pigeon, it was necessary to clock at 14:29, but everything that came, not a pigeon. And if you don’t get a pigeon yourself, someone else will. Then around 14:51 the pigeons start to fall into the club and if you then have to wait another ten minutes, you know that there is no top result. Anyway, not an early bird may happen of course. However, the pigeons were so bad that a disaster was imminent. In the evening we were not very happy to put it mildly. Fortunately they came through the next morning well, so in the end the disaster was not too bad. A 38th NPO is a good result for many, but not for us. We are nevertheless happy with it. We were at the top of the prestigious Imperial Championship of the Fond Club Noord-Holland, which we won last year. Then you have to clock an early pigeon and a designated pigeon. And we were lucky because we clock our 2nd nominated, a daughter of TGV, at a reasonable time and with that gain a lot of points. The TGV child also provided the designated points for the previous flight. So we maintain the top position with one more flight to go.

All in all a turbulent and emotional weekend and joy with every pigeon that came after and still keeps.

NPO Fontenay F35 (513 km), 31 augustus 2019

38/2130: – V – NL19-3936219 – ´Maximus´ x ´Golden Sanne´ (Verkerk (own. S. Göbel) x Kramer)

77/2130: – V – NL19-1549523‘TGV’ x ‘Dagobert D. x Mona Lisa’ (Kramer x Verkerk (own. S. Göbel))

86/2130: – V – NL19-1549546‘TGV’ x ‘Inteelt Olympiade’ (Kramer x Heremans)

69/2130: CHN19-0369801 – V – ‘Blueliner’ x ‘Strong Lady’ (100% Kramer)

109/2130: CHN19-0369810 – V – ‘Jens’ x ‘Shannon’ (100% Kramer)

Lennik N35 (190 km), 31 augustus 2019

5/1512: NL19-1549521 – V – ´Juno´ x ´Oyster Perpetual (= daughter ‘Black Rolex´ own. R. Faber) (Kramer x org. Faber)

6/1512: CHN19-0369815 – M – ‘Pantex’ x ‘Ethora’ (org. Kuyt x Kramer)

Pt. St. Maxence F33 (387 km), 16th August 2019

What should you do if the weather forecast for the weekend is very bad? To be flexible! For the first time since time immemorial, a competition was held in Noord-Holland on Friday. Not ideal for some working people, but if you can’t do it as you should, you should do it as you can. And it turned out to be a great flight without significant losses. But of course it was a nice flight for us. Because for the 3rd time this year the provincial victory was for us. After Fontenay and Argenton with the old pigeons, the victory at Pont Saint Maxence (387 km.) With the youngsters was now won.

Released at 9:05 on Friday morning in Pont Saint Maxence, the youngsters flew at high speed because of a moderate to strong southwest wind towards Noord-Holland. The pigeons from Zuid-Holland were released fifteen minutes later at the same release location, so their speeds could provide direction. Around 12:10 the first speeds arrived and the fastest went around 1760 meters per minute. That would mean that our pigeons should arrive just before 12:45. But each release stands on its own, even though there is only fifteen minutes in between. It took until 12:53:53 when a pigeon from the east circled above the loft and came down. Fortunately nothing is wasted this time. And nothing was reported on the association app either, so that was favorable. After a minute a group of 3 emerged from the loft, but they dived into a high building nearby. After a while a pigeon came and was clocked at 12:55:58. And then it was quiet for a while, until around 12:59 around 15 pigeons arrived that went in badly. In short, provincial a 1st and 11th prize and then it comes to a halt. But 29 of the 44 prize (M&M and Team Kramer-Hsu together).

The pigeon responsible for the “Triple” is NL19-1549520. A small scratch cock that has not shown any major achievements before. But with a dream descent. His father is a 100% Verkerk and comes from Goofy x Eyecatcher. This winter we did a joint breeding with father and son Göbel. They own a few direct Verkerken from the good couples and we also have some handsome pigeons for the one day long distance so that deal was quickly settled. The mother of the 520 is our super breeding hen Jasmijn. She herself played ao 2nd provincial, but she is now mother of TGV, best one day long distance pigeon in the Netherlands 2018 WHZB-TBOTB, Bakero, 1st NPO Fontenay 2019 and now the 520 that plays the 1st NPO Pont St. Maxence.

The 11th NPO is won by the CHN19-0369810. A beautiful hen from Jens (1st NPO Vierzon) x Shannon, daughter Mr. Veenendaal and mother of the 6th Ace pigeon in the Algarve Great Derby 2018. Unlike the 520, she has already shown that she has talent. She has previously raced a 23rd against 2822 pigeons, a 66th against 2025 pigeons and an 84th against 5701 pigeons.

1/3592: NL19-1549520 – M – ´Maximus´ x ´Jasmijn´ (Verkerk (own. S. Göbel) x Kramer)

11/3592: CHN19-0369810 – V – ‘Jens’ x ‘Shannon’ (100% Kramer)

Peronne F32 (314 km), 10th August 2019

Gone with the wind …

It had been known for a few days that it would be stormy on Saturday. The question was whether the pigeons would be released. And yes, at 7:45 am the pigeons went loose with SW 7 on the tail. Around 10:06 am 4 will come at the same time, but due to the strong wind they have difficulty landing. The first lands but then stays on the roof. Another pigeon then taps the antenna first at 10:07:13. Unfortunately 2 pigeons out of 4 are not detected, so quickly find where they are. One was a red one and was quickly found and manually pulled over the antenna. The other was without a trace among those staying at home and is ultimately clocked 12 minutes after arrival. After the first 4 it was quiet for a few minutes and that is strange for a flight of 314 km. In the end it turned out to be 4 (of which three clocked) very early pigeons in the department. With 5-13-17-72-74-84 against 5701 pigeons we can be very satisfied.

5/5701: NL19-1549518 – M – Super Harry x ‘Andy M. x Euphoria’ (Team GPS x Verkerk (own. S. Göbel))

72/5701: NL19-1549523 – V – TGV x ‘Dagobert D. x Mona Lisa’ (Kramer x Verkerk (own. S. Göbel))

74/5701: NL19-1549530 – V – ‘C. John x Snip’ alias ‘Snippie’ x Svetlana (Verkerk (own. S. Göbel) x Verkerk (eig. M. & M. Kramer))

13/5701: CHN19-0369804 – M – Vitali x Grdson New Bliksem (Kramer x Vandenabeele (own. H. Hsu))

17/5701: NL19-1549577 – M – Valiant x Sister Juno (Bakker x Kramer)

84/5701: CHN19-0369810 – V – Jens x Shannon (100% Kramer)

Closing Young Short Distance flight-program J25, J27, J28, J29 and N31

After 5 speed flights with our young birds we can draw up an interim balance. The high rankings in the results of both M&M Kramer and Team Kramer-Hsu went well. But not as good as last year when the fantastic series and 1st prizes almost (naturally) rolled in. This year every flight is an early pigeon, but not a force majeure. And especially the price percentages are too low for us to do (not 50%) with the result that there is no zipper in young ace pigeons like last year. 18 among the first 20 in the region was also a bit too much of a good thing. But with the series of young pigeons middle distance flights, there are new opportunities. And let’s face it, our pigeons are better suited for that. So we are going full again and let’s hope that the weather is going well.