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Young Birds 2021

J37 – Young Birds – Fontenay (514 km) – 2020-09-12

After the great result at Pont Saint Maxence, Fontenay was on the program. Getting pigeons right is already difficult, keeping them well is even more difficult. Last week they showed form when exercising. This week only dark weather and the training was ordinary. Last week they were great at basketing. This week they were “okay”. But Fontenay is finally a distance our pigeons are made for, so don’t beep before you are beaten.

At first it seemed to be a tough race with a headwind on the first part, but the southwest wind on the second part was harder than expected and the pigeons from South Holland made more than 1500 mpm. Then you have to be already at 2:20 pm to clock the first in the sector. Although the wind was quite present, pigeons do not get fitter when they have to fly further. And the last part they no longer fly in a large torque like the first 450 km. But they should be able to reach 1470 mpm and that is 2:28 PM. Time passes slowly and the hoped-for speed diminishes. Suddenly sparrows and swallows start to make noise and fly around en masse. That can only mean one thing … the peregrine falcon. Just at the moment we see the bird of prey, a young pigeon flies in fear in all directions at a great height. That is not nice on the last flight. At one point the pigeon decides to come down anyway and falls like a brick from the sky and onto the valve. At the same time, a youngster is flying around and needs a long time to land. Afterwards it saves a few places on the rankings, but whether you finish 4th or 7th doesn’t matter anymore. For the second pigeon it is a pity that it therefore just does not reach the top 10 but ahead. Then it is quiet for a while, but after 5 minutes it bursts loose and the pigeons from all directions rush into the loft. Not as massive as the week before, but we are talking about 514 km here. Half home at that distance in about 25 minutes is pretty fast.

The pigeon that plays 7th NPO is NL20-410. A blue band hen from High Impact x Saturnia. At Pont St. Max. also well on time with the 86th NPO against about 3,800 pigeons. Our 2nd pigeon that is good for the 13th NPO is NL20-301. Son of Pullo x Stockholm. Came home quite injured a few weeks ago and kept home for two weeks to play afterwards. Nice detail is that both pigeons form a couple.

After a difficult start in the one day long distance with a 2nd NPO from Blois II and a 9th NPO from Blois III, the youngsters made the season pleasant again with a 3rd NPO from Peronne, a 5th NPO from Pont St. Max and a 7th NPO from Fontenay.

That was it again for this year. The clock is put away and the pigeons go to rest. We are preparing for the OLR finals in the coming weeks.

J37 -Fontenay – Results Kring 4, District 6 North-Holland – places 3-6-11-12-15-16 etc. against 736 pigeons

J37 – Fontenay – Results District 6 North-Holland – places 7-13-44-47-55-56-58 etc. against 2.462 pigeons

First 10 young birds at the first 100 jonge young birds of District 6 North-Holland:

  1. NL20-1383410 – V – High Impact x Saturnia
  2. NL20-1383301 – M – Pullo x Stockholm
  3. NL20-1383391 – V – Winegum x Mei Xing
  4. NL20-1383291 – V – Inbred Daydream – Caro
  5. NL20-1383305 – V – El Professor x NL14-901
  6. NL20-1383344 – M – Goeie Rooie Jr. x Summerbreeze
  7. NL20-1383316 – V – Vitali x Blue Fury
  8. NL20-1383328 – V – Iron Man x Sister Bakero
  9. NL20-1383281 – V – Amsterdammer x Halfsister Red Harry
  10. NL20-1383318 – M – Redband x Blauwe Havik

Prices 60/ 30

J36 – Young Birds – Pt.St. Maxence (385 km) – 2020-09-05

Because of the jump in kilometers from Roye (341 km) to Fontenay (512 km), the department board decided to swap the last two flights. First Pt.St. Maxence and finally Fontenay. A decision that we could agree with perfectly. With thoughts of the ‘One-eyed-cold’ that the team played tricks on in the back of our mind, preparations started for the third young pigeon flight. The pigeons trained well on Monday, much better on Tuesday, but on Wednesday the brakes were released. The cocks in particular were in great shape and showed the pigeons in Wormer and the surrounding area all over the air. What a height! And how different this was last season, when illness struck the team at the end of the season and the business went out like a candle. The sad low point was the total defeat of the youngsters from Fontenay with a southeast wind … This year, nothing like that, not a louse to be seen and top form. How beautiful is the pigeon sport when everything is right. From Pt.St. Maxence the youngsters came out great. Our number 1, the NL20-366, was nominated as 1st nominated. And this cock proved his class and landed first on the plate of the Hsu-loft (the green loft). The second pigeon, NL20-637, was a hen from the ‘Haanstraat’ loft. The love for her cock, with whom she cuddles through a crack every day, led to a drive home. The NL20-377, a hen in such a hurry, that she let herself fall through the hole like a stone, without the clock detecting her …. In the company of parents Fred and Charlotte Kramer and a loyal pigeon friend, it was a spectacle, a wonderful flight. We are going to prepare the team for the final part of the season, Fontenay. Good luck with the home stretch for those who will be basketing this weekend.

And shortly after writing this report, a nice result from Portugal appears on our screen. The nest brother or sister of the NL20-366, the NL20-367, Artificial Speed, scores 18th place in the 2nd Race of the Algarve Great Derby, 163 km. Nice to follow, children from Moscow x Long Summer 366 & 367.

J36 – Pt.St. Maxence – Results Kring 4, District 6 North-Holland – places 3-14-17-19-26-29-40-43-46-47 etc. against 1.172 pigeons

J36 – Pt.St. Maxence – Results District 6 North-Holland – places 5-24-40-44-57-61-86-97-103-106 etc. against 3.791 pigeons

First 10 young birds within the first 100 young birds of Kring 4 against 1.172 pigeons:

  1. NL20-1383366 – M – ‘Moskou’ x ‘Long Summer’. Check also: NL20-1383367 – Articifial Speed – the nest-brother or -sister, competing at the Algarve Great Derby 2020!!
  2. NL20-2048637 – V – ‘Denton’ x ‘Mei Xing’
  3. NL20-1383293 – V – ‘Juno’ x Nairobi’
  4. NL20-1383377 – V – ‘Flatscreen I’ x ‘Dtr. Bennie’
  5. NL20-1383344 – M – ‘Goeie Rooie Jr.’ x ‘Summerbreeze’
  6. NL20-1383343 – M – ‘Maximus x (Andy M.xEuphoria)’ x ‘Sensation’
  7. NL20-1383410 – V – ‘High Impact’ x ‘Saturnia’
  8. NL20-1383336 – M – ‘Son of TGV (708)’ x ‘Inteelt Goeie Rooie Jr.’
  9. NL20-1383368 – M – ‘Dixon’ x ‘Inteelt Olympiade’
  10. NL20-1383339 – V – ‘Inbred Daydream’ x Caro’

Prijzen 65 / 37

J35 – Young Birds – Roye (341 km) – 2020-08-29

Looking back on the flight from Roye. It was a rainy situation … First of all, the pigeons were brought to Peronne with department 5. In short, reports soon arrived that a flight from Pt.St. Maxence (or wherever from? ..) was no longer an issue. Eventually the youngsters were brought to Roye, a bit higher up, in the hope of making a release there. And yes, luck brought us a fantastic release with a huge rain front over province 5 and 6 at the time of the race. It is no different, we thought, and luckily for the first arrivals the sky had cleared slightly. The team was bothered by the ‘One-eyed-cold’ last week. A disease among the youngsters that keeps the mind busy. A strict selection beforehand resulted in 50 of more than 70 pigeons being basketed in the loft this week. The rest were obliged to rest to recover. Despite the rain, the course of the flight was fair to good. 19 of the 50 in the prizes within Circle 4, of course, give the picture of the rain flight. With more than 65 at home there are again enough tickets to compete in the last two flights.

J35 – Roye – Results Kring 4, District 6 North-Holland – places 20-34-54-55-84 etc. against 1.356 pigeons

J35 – Roye – Results District 6 North-Holland – places 111-159-202-204-314 etc. against 5.021 pigeons

First 5 young birds within first 100 young birds of Kring 4 against 1.356 pigeons:

  1. NL20-1383366 – M – ‘Moskou’ x ‘Long Summer’
  2. NL20-1383368 – M – ‘Dixon’ x ‘Inteelt Olympiade’
  3. NL20-1383362 – M – ‘Red Juno’ x ‘Svetlana’
  4. NL20-1383305 – M – ‘El Professor’ x ’14-901′
  5. NL20-1383343 – M – ‘Maximus x Andy M. Euphoria’ x ‘Sensation’

Prices 50 / 19

J34 – Young Birds – Peronne (314 km) – 2020-08-22

Half past seven !! We call in the house after getting up. The routine starts again. Preparing lofts, laying out cables again, we still don’t have fixed cables to the young pigeons lofts. In between, the rain is pouring down, but as time passes it gets better. A cup of coffee is made, the seats are unfolded, and the waiting begins again … The team was good, training was only done once on Wednesday. And then it turned out that the cocks were rushing home to catch up with the first team of hens. We always unload basket by basket, cocks and hens alternately. So the speed was super during training! It was expected to be around 10.25 am, roughly …. And then we are totally surprised by a cock with enormous haste, the NL20-1383317. This young pigeon is clocked at 10.13.14 am. A speed of 1923,730 appears on the clock, unbelievable, we did not count on that at all! The ‘317’ had come across dry. A cock from the line ‘Vitali’ x ‘Blue Fury’. ‘Vitali’ is a brother of our ‘Black Mamba’, who has emerged as a breeder several times this season. We believe in this line, behind this is the coupling ‘Fanger cock’ x ‘Inbreed Olympiade’. Especially with regard to OLR Races. Two half-brothers of the ‘317’ have been deployed at OLR in the south of Europe. And ‘Blue Fury’ also has a nice pedigree (Bakker / Koopman / Kramer / Leijtens) and earned her spurs as a young hen in 2016. The rest of the team followed during the day, as the flight was ravaged by downpours. But that is also part of the learning process. Enough youngsters present to compete again next Saturday. In short, a great morning flight this week! And let yourself be surprised by a fantastic pairing of our second youngster ..!


J34 – Peronne – Result Kring 4, District 6 North-Holland – places 2-19-20-21-28 etc. against 1.968 pigeons

J34 – Peronne – Result District 6 North-Holland – places 3-56-60-61-91 etc. against 7.328 pigeons

First 10 young birds at first 100 young birds of Kring 4 against 1.968 duiven:

  1. NL20-1383317 – M – ‘Vitali’ x ‘Blue Fury’
  2. NL20-2048643 – V – ‘TGV’ x ‘Oyster Perpetual’ (org. R. Faber), ‘The Best of The Best’ of the ‘Zaan’, lines of super-breeders ‘Super Harry’ and ‘Black Rolex’
  3. NL20-1383302 – M – ‘Dixon’ x ‘Inteelt Olympiade’
  4. NL20-1383368 – M – ‘Dixon’ x ‘Inteelt Olympiade’
  5. NL20-1383378 – V – ‘Flatscreen 1’ x ‘Datejust 76 (org. R. Faber)
  6. NL20-1383335 – V – ‘Son of TGV 19-708’ x ‘Inteelt Goeie Jr.’ (Old lines meet new Lines)
  7. NL20-1383340 – V – ‘Juno’ x Nairobi’ (dtr. ‘TGV’)
  8. NL20-1383286 – M – ‘Flatscreen 1’ x ‘Datejust 76 (org. R. Faber)
  9. NL20-2048640 – M – ‘Black Mamba’ x ‘Denise’
  10. NL20-1383332 – V – ‘Pantex’ (samenkweek M. Kuyt) x ‘Gr.dtr. Joe Frazier’ (org. Kramer-Ouwehand) (OLR breeding)

Prices 76 / 28

J33 – Young Birds – Quievrain (192 km) – 2020-08-15

Last weekend the youngsters were basketed for a flight for the first time in 2 weeks. J32 was dropped out due to sweltering heat. And that was a welcome extra period of recovery for our team. After 2 weeks the team was ready again. Heat at basketing, with a slightly cooler Saturday in prospect. But in the end you could not speak of that. Due to the rain that had fallen on Friday, the humidity was high and the visibility in the early morning was therefore somewhat limited. Eventually the youngsters were released at 10.30 am. And just before the arrivals the sky cleared well and we could enjoy beautiful arrivals. Chapeau to our team! Meanwhile, the preliminairy positions have also been published for 5 ‘Speed’ flights. Team Kramer certainly did well! Best youngsters performance from Kring 4 in province 6 Norht-Holland. Best result comes from the NL20-1383325 ‘Blueliner’ x ‘Golden Sanne’. 5 hits on 5 flights. This cock is the 2nd best young bird in Kring 4 in the field of ‘Speed’. Here the points are divided for various championships. A major comment must be made here. The start of the season has , due to the lockdown surrounding the corona virus, significantly affected the flight program. In our opinion, we cannot speak of a real final score. We wait for the reporting from department 6 North-Holland. We show you the best three youngsters from our team after 5 flights:

  1. NL20-1383325 – M – ‘Blueliner’ x ‘Golden Sanne’ – Best allround pigeon 2015/2016/2017 x 1st Prov.Acepigeon Young District.6 NH (full sister TGV).
  2. NL20-1383358 – M – ‘SOK 122’ x ‘Summer Chique’ – Father 1st NPO winner ‘Juno’ x 10th Nat.Acepigeon WHZB-TBOTB 2019 (best youngster Kramer 2019)
  3. NL20-1383372 – M – ‘Chronos’ x ‘HeremansxKramer’ – natural breeding couple

J33 – Quievrain – Results Kring 4, District 6 North-Holland – places 17-18-29-34-37-91-93-97 against 2.219 pigeons

9 young birds at the first 100 young birds of Kring 4 against 2.219 pigeons:

  1. NL20-1383369 – M – ‘Dixon’ x ‘Inteelt Olympiade’
  2. NL20-1383368 – M – ‘Dixon’ x ‘Inteelt Olympiade’
  3. NL20-1383392 – V – ‘Denton’ x ‘Strong Lady’
  4. NL20-1383281 – V – ‘Amsterdammer’ x ‘Halfzus Red Harry’
  5. NL20-1383317 – M – ‘Vitali’ x ‘Blue Fury’
  6. NL20-1383288 – M – ‘Dennis’ x ‘Ginger’
  7. NL20-1383337 – V – ‘Dennis’ x ‘Ginger’
  8. NL20-1383335 – V – ‘Son of TGV 19-708’ x ‘Inteelt Goeie Jr.’ (Old lines meet new Lines)
  9. NL20-1383293 – V – ‘Juno’ x ‘Nairobi’

Prijzen 79 / 33

Now we are going to prepare for the end of the season. The youngsters will fly a tough program, a middle distance flight every week for 4 weeks, no rest week in between. Let’s see which pigeons can withstand this test …

J31 –  – Young birds – Lennik (192 km) – 2020-08-01

This week the fourth young bird race. With some pride we can say that we had a 100% score with the flight from Duffel. All 88 youngsters finally returned. That makes us feel good for the whole week. Only once we did a trainingflight in the past week, and 66 km. One party of the combination just thought, hop, ride with the youngsters, and the other party thought, no !! that is actually too far .. anyway, in the end the team was complete the next morning, including our favorite ‘brick-red night-flyer’ again. Conclusion on this point, stick to not too long pieces for training! Two weeks ago, the gutter was removed from the ‘orange’ roof loft. A source of annoyance for many years. The youngsters sometimes preferred to walk to the gutter after landing. That road is now cut off :-). And also saves in the spread of germs among the team.

On a really hot afternoon the youngsters went into the basket. After packing, this combination thinks ‘this is inhumane to the fancier!’ .. with regard to catching the youngsters at 30+ degrees :-). Our association has adhered excellently to the heat protocol, the number of pigeons in the basket and the temperature in the club continuously 20 degrees. Tribute for that! Meanwhile, the lofts are already cleaned in the evenings for the morning release, you never know, release can already be at 7:00 am – 7:15 am in the morning … But not this time. The weather on and around the station Lennik in France and Belgium was not easy. At first people feared the heat, now it was rain / thunder or other dark weather that made an early release in the morning impossible.

At 1 p.m. the youngsters left for North Holland. From a fancier from Section 5 we received interim notice that groups of pigeons had been spotted high in the air and that had to be the pigeons from North Holland. Great, we thought, they are coming. And suddenly we are finally surprised by a young hen that literally fell from the sky like a rock. The thud in the loft startled us, there is one! This hen soon ran to valve and the beep signal sounds. A good ending of this flight follows. The pigeons enter the loft faster than before. A good development. Unfortunately, not a top 10 listing. 40 out of 85 in the prizes. But we keep in mind, our youngsters need more kilometers. Keeping the team in good condition and healthy, that’s what it’s all about now.

Results Kring 4, District 6 North-Holland – place 21-27-36-42-47-50-51-54-60-112 etc against 2.674 pigeons.

9 young birds within the first 100 places of Kring 4 against 2.674 pigeons:

  1. NL20-1383391 – V – ‘Winegum’ x ‘Mei Xing’
  2. NL20-1383290 – V – ‘High Impact’ x ‘Sister Juno’
  3. NL20-1383339 – V – ‘Inbred Daydream’ x ‘Caro’
  4. NL20-2048637 – V – ‘Denton’ x ‘Mei Xing’
  5. NL20-1383344 – M – ‘Goeie Rooie Jr.’ x ‘Summerbreeze’
  6. NL20-1383366 – M – ‘Moskou’ x ‘Da Xia/Long Summer’
  7. NL20-1383340 – V – ‘Juno’ x ‘Nairobi’
  8. NL20-1383423 – V – ‘Son of The Prince’ x ‘Flatscreen II’
  9. NL20-1383289 – V – ‘High Impact’ x ‘Sister Juno’
  10. NL20-1838325 – M – ‘Blueliner’ x ‘Golden Sanne’

Prices 85 / 40

J30 – Young Birds – Duffel (156 km) – 2020-07-25

This week the third young pigeon race. Because the previous flights went smoothly, there were few losses and we were able to compete for the flight from Duffel with an almost complete team. Again a very early release to avoid the bad weather. At 7:15 the North Holland pigeons went loose to hopefully arrive dry. Because of the wind we assumed a fast flight and estimated that the pigeons could arrive around 8:45. Just before that we saw a couple of pigeons go high in the sky and when no pigeon came out from us, we were somewhat disappointed. Later it turned out to be pigeons from the Friesland department that had been released in Gennep at 7:00 am to be transferred via NH de Afsluitdijk. Shortly afterwards we saw a large couple coming in over Wormerveer. From this couple 4 pigeons that showed above the loft showed that they were far from tired. Walking in also did not go as smoothly as the week before, but in the end we luckily clock another pigeon within the top 10 in the Kring. Then they came ‘like sand’ so we turn 50 within the prizes (1: 4). Still 2 flights ‘short’ to go.

Results Kring 4, District 6 North-Holland – places 10-15-39-43-52 etc against 2.834 pigeons.

11 young birds at first 100 young birds of Kring 4 against 2.834 pigeons:

  1. NL20-1838325- Blue bar – M – son of ‘Blueliner’ x ‘Golden Sanne’. Blueliner = 7 x 1/100, father of ‘Son Blueliner’ – best flyer 2019 and ‘Pepper Pot’, 3rd best young bird allround District 6 NH 2019 – NEW BREEDING TALENT! Golden Sanne = 1st Acepigeon Young District 6 NH 2016 + 6th Nat. Acepigeon Young Birds WHZB-TBOTB 2016 + full sister of ‘TGV’.
  2. NL20-1383378 – Blue check – V – daughter of ‘Flatscreen I’ x ‘Datejust 76’ (org. R. Faber). Flatscreen 1 = father of 1st NPO LD 2019 Iron Man. Datejust 76 = daughter of famous ‘Bennie’, 1st NPO LD 2018 flown by R. Faber, clubmate. One of the best set breedingcouples of our region on Long Distance.
  3. NL20-1383368 – M – son of ‘Dixon’ x ‘Inteelt Olympiade’
  4. NL20-1383366 – M – son of ‘Moskou’ x ‘Da Xia/Long Summer’
  5. NL20-1383288 – M – son of ‘Dennis’ x ‘Ginger’
  6. NL20-1383424 – V – daughter of ‘Son of ‘The Prince’ x ‘Flatscreen II’
  7. NL20-1383313 – V – daughter of ‘Winegum’ x ‘Strong Lady’
  8. NL20-1383339 – V – daughter of ‘Inbred Daydream’ x ‘Caro’
  9. NL20-1383305 – V – daughter of ‘El Professor’ x NL14-901
  10. NL20-1383322 – M – son of ‘SOK 122’ x ‘Summer Chique’
  11. NL20-1383301 – M – son of ‘Pullo’ x ‘Stockholm’

Prijzen 88 / 50

J29 – Young Birds – Roosendaal (110 km) – 2020-07-18

The young birds where released at 9.00h, great time for a release. It was a beautifull morning with excellent pigeon weather. Seconds after we sat down the first group of young birds arrived and afterwards it was ‘raining pigeons’! We are very pleased with the result. We are on track, we hope to stay on track!

Results Kring 4, District 6 Noord-Holland – place 6-7-8-10-12-17-26-36-59 etc against 2.866 pigeons.

9 young birds at the first 100 young birds of Kring 4 against 2.866 pigeons:

  1. NL20-1383309 – Blue – M – son of ‘Candyman’ = Father ‘Mei Xing’ x ‘Saturnia’ = mother ‘Juno’, 1st NPO LD 2016
  2. NL20-1383372 – Blue check – M – son of ‘Chronos’ x ‘Heremans x Kramer’
  3. NL20-1383318 – Red bar – M – son of ‘Redband’ x ‘Blauwe Havik’
  4. NL20-1383398 – Blue check – V – daughter of ‘735’ (org. G.S. Gobel (Verkerk) x ‘Inteelt Olympiade’ = grandmother ‘Red Harry’, 1st NPO LD 2017
  5. NL20-1383301 – Blue – M – son of ‘Pullo’ = father ‘Jens’, 1st NPO LD 2015 x ‘Stockholm’ = daughter ‘TGV’ (co-breeding with G.S. Gobel)
  6. NL20-1383328 – V – daughter of ‘Iron Man’ = 1st NPO LD 2019 x ‘Sister Bakero’ = sister of ‘Bakero’, 1st NPO LD 2019
  7. NL20-1383340 – V – daughter of ‘Juno’ = 1st NPO LD 2016 x ‘Nairobi’ = daughter ‘TGV’ = 1st Nat.Acepigeon WHZB-TBOTB LD ’18
  8. NL20-1383325 – M – son of ‘Blueliner’ x ‘Golden Sanne’ = 1st Prov.Acepigeon Young district.6 NH 2016 = daughter ‘Super Harry’
  9. NL20-2048638 – M – son of ‘Super Harry’ x ‘Jasmijn’ = brother ‘TGV’ = 1st Nat.Acepigeon WHZB-TBOTB LD ’18

7 x 1/100

Prices 86 / 39