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One Loft Racing (OLR)

OLR results

One loft races (OLR) are hot. Such lofts are sprouting up all over the world. And the participation in it is constantly increasing. You can therefore win serious cash prizes with it, of course depending on the stake that is also seriously high. But there are also competitions where you can enter for a reasonable price. Say for yourself, what could be fairer than a one-loft race? All pigeons are cared for under the same conditions, all suffer from the same wind and location. The only unfair thing about it is that there is no limit to the number of pigeons you submit. And a number of people realize that well and they sometimes basket 100 pigeons in one race. Nevertheless, it is a fun pastime. You can follow the (training) flights at home on your computer and if you reach the final (which is often quite difficult), then you can take holidays and fly there to experience the arrivals live.

For us this is the second season that we participate in these OLRs (One Loft Races). The great thing about one-loft races is that you can also experience it together with others. Together with our friend and partner Hsu we started with a few pigeons in China and we immediately reached the 80th place in the final in an OLR with around 10,000 !!!! pigeons started. We also participated with 6 pigeons in Pattaya (Thailand) and there we achieved in the semi-final over 420 km the 6th place. This pigeon, however, came loose ahead, but unfortunately did not run fast enough over the arrival antenna and thereby lost a very nice cash prize. That too is a loft racing.

My colleagues at the Bank of course also know that we have pigeons, and the idea came up to make a pot and then participate in various OLRs. Under the name M. & M. Kramer / The Flying Bankers we participated in two races last year, namely the Ostseeflug Usedom in Germany and the Algarve Great Derby (AGD) in Portugal. In Germany we were able to participate and we took money in the final, which actually went a little too fast. More than 1700 mpm over 500 km. The final of the AGD was very tough and we ended in a nice 57th place. Moreover, we had the 6th Ace pigeon. Pretty handsome with 1894 registered pigeons.

It tasted like more, so the pot was expanded. This year we participate (again) in the Algarve Great Derby and we participate in the heavy Derby Costa del Sol, whose loft is located in Malaga (Spain). Today the confirmation came that our pigeons can come along well in the international violence. In Portugal we play on a 200 km flight. 11-59-61-164-203 against 1935 pigeons (8 along / 8 at home) 50% 1 in 10. In Spain we play in the semi-final over 303 km the 6th prize against the 885 remaining pigeons (3 entered).

We have also formed a team with a few top fanciers from the Zaan region (Kat, Faber, Braspenning, Kuijt and Kramer). We participate in the AGD under the name “Zaanse Boys”. A pigeon from Kat achieved today the 27th place for this team against 1935 pigeons.

To be continued.

Derby Costa del Sol – Halve finale – 303 km – 11th Septembre 2019

6/883: NL19-1549591 – Multiplier – ´High Impact´ x ´Humming Sky´ (Bakker x Verkerk)

Algarve Great Derby – 3rd Race – 200 km – 11th Septembre 2019

11/1935: NL19-1549527 – Algo Trader – ‘Jens’ x ‘Shannon’ (100% Kramer)