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Team Kramer-Hsu

16 middle distance pigeons

After 5 Speed and 5 Middle distance flights with the Team Kramer-Hsu pigeons, a picture is starting to emerge of the pigeons that can do something and the pigeons that can’t do much. To begin with, you can ask yourself whether it is fair to assess them on these relatively short flights. After all, they are one day long distance pigeons. We think so. Even middle-distance pigeons nowadays have to have a high basic speed in order to finish before the rest. And if a certain pigeon is always the first in the loft, then he is simply better than the other. But our fingers itch to basket at a further distance. What are the good pigeons in the team?

Firstly, the CHN18-710 – “Fei-Hung”. Last Saturday, beaten for the 1st prize in the Circle. Already the best of the team as a youngster. Especially on the longer young pigeon flights. Always with the first pigeons, but not really in shape for a few weeks. This week early, but we think he can do even better. Father is a grandson of “Miss Overegge”. Mother comes from Gino Clique.

The NL17-011 – the “011”. Currently the best. As a youngster in 2017, he only had a number of training sessions with the Fondclub and 3 short after-races. But always the first in the loft. Pontoise in the department early last year. But one week he is also much better physically than the other. It benefits from fast flights. Father is our best breeder “Super Harry”. Mother is “Inbred Olympiade”. 100% Heremans, but what a good ones comes from that. Also for the one day long distance.

The NL17-000 or “Darius”. Last year the number 2 of the team behind topper “Big Time Rush” (unfortunately lost on Nat. Chateauroux). A few early prizes this year, but he also had a slump for a few weeks and was then withheld. Now again just behind the real top pigeons. From the super couple “Mr. Veenendaal “x” Denise “. Explanation unnecessary if you follow our pigeons.

The rest of the team has to surprise us one more time, but these are the pigeons that we really like and, should they remain, form the basis of the team.

Top 5 on our loft

1st best pigeon

CHN18-0260710 – ‘Fei-Hung’

Father: NL16-1818211 – Grandson ‘Miss Overegge’ – org. P. Veenstra

Mother: B16-3141074 – Inbred Bliksem – org. G. Clique

2nd best pigeon

NL17-1850011 – de ‘011’

Father: NL14-1219787 – ‘Super Harry’ – org. Team GPS

Mother: B11-6091822 – ‘Inteelt Olympiade’ – org. L. Heremans

3rd best pigeon

NL18-1427606 – ‘Meindert’ – org. M.J. de Jong

Father: NL17-1614652 – ‘Mitch’ = broer ‘Olympic Marjolein’ – org. M.J. de Jong

Mother: NL17-1614661 – ‘Katrina’ – org. M.J. de Jong

5th best pigeon

CHN18-0260705 – ‘Dishi’

Father: NL17-1100757 – ‘Inbred Daydream’ – org. R.A. Bakker & Zn

Mother: B16-3141076 – kleindochter ‘Rudy 076’ – org. Gino Clique