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Passion for pigeons!

About M. & M. Kramer

We are Martijn & Marit Kramer. Since 2007 we form the combination M. & M. Kramer and fly from our home address in Wormer.

Martijn & Marit Kramer with daughter Iris

Where Martijn can be called the real pigeon specialist of the combination, Marit ensures continuity in the daily care of the pigeons and administration. After all, in daily life Martijn has a 36-hour working week with an employer. Martijn has been racing pigeons for more than 30 years. He learned the tricks of the pigeon sport from his father Fred Kramer and Cees Ouwehand. Together with Fred and Cees, Martijn formed until 2007 the combination F.S. Kramer & Son. This combination excelled from the 90’s on the one day long distance (400 – 750 km) in department 6 North-Holland. In these years, this combination made name with an Olympic pigeon “The Olympiade” (Van der Wegen x Tournier). In 1995 this cock was awarded the title of 4th World Champion Long Distance Olympiade Utrecht. “The Olympiade” is the grandfather of the “Goeie Rooie“, the base breeder of the one day long distance pigeons. Years later, the combination won with the “Nedved” (‘Goeie Rooie’-lijn – Wal Zoontjes x Van der Wegen / Tournier / Kramer / Dekker) also the prestigious national competition WHZB. The “Nedved” was awarded as a yearling with the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance WHZB 2004.

Combination F.S. Kramer & Son – from left to right: Fred Kramer, Martijn Kramer and Cees Ouwehand

Our pigeon colony is largely made up of descendants of our own species, namely the “Goeie Rooie” line. The “Goeie Rooie” (Good Red One) was a beautiful red check cock from 1996 with a fantastic eye. This cock became 7th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance WHZB in 1998 and 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance in department 6 North-Holland in 1999. As a breeder this cock produced the top pigeon “De Havik“, the father of “Cees“. “Cees” flew a 1st against 18,042 pigeons as a young bird on Chimay in 2007, our first victory in a large competition. Afterwards followed by “The Prince“, “Pullo” and “Atessa“, all grandchildren of the “Goeie Rooie”.

Our strategy in recent years has been the annual purchase of (grand) children from top national pigeons. For example, ‘Mr. Veenendaal‘, ‘SOK 122‘ and ‘Candyman‘ (100% Koopman via RA Bakker & Zn), the ‘Super Harry‘ (grandson of ‘Harry’ from J. Hooijmans via Team GPS), ‘Inbred Olympiade‘ (granddaughter of ‘Olympiade 003’ from L. Heremans) and ‘Corina‘ (100% C. Leijtens). The descendants from the “Goeie Rooie” line have been crossed in recent years with the purchased top pigeons forming our own “Kramer” pigeons.

In 2012 we moved to a larger location within their place of residence. First, a racing loft was built, then a large aviairy was placed in front of the young pigeon loft, and finally mechanic ventilation was installed in the racing loft. The real successes came in 2015. In that year we achieved an unprecedented victory from Quievrain in a young pigeon race: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 8th etc. against 5,841 pigeons, with the first four nominated young pigeons in front. We were awarded with the Golden Pigeon pins and a Super Star Award of September. Immediately after three years of flying young pigeons from the new address, we became National Champions Young Birds Long Distance in three years (2014/2015/2016).

The same upward trend was seen on the one day long distance races (400 – 750 km). Three years in a row we won an NPO victory:

2015 – “Jens” – 1st NPO Vierzon against 5,258 pigeons (630 km)
2016 – “Juno” – 1st NPO Chateauroux against 4,532 pigeons (670 km)
2017 – “Red Harry” – 1st NPO La Souterraine against 2,875 pigeons (736 km)

But in 2018 the real national breakthrough came. The hottest summer of all time created ideal conditions for our one day long distance pigeons. One top pigeon became our best pigeon: “TGV“. With three intertext entries, 4th NPO Fontenay against 2,265 pigeons, 7th NPO Laon against 4,185 pigeons and 7th NPO Argenton against 2,853 pigeons, this pigeon won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance WHZB-TBOTB 2018, and many other titles. Among the youngsters, “Mei Xing” became 4th National Ace Pigeon Young Short Distance WHZB-TBOTB 2018.

But our one day long distance pigeons also showed that they were able to shine in all weather conditions, as it turned out in the 2019 season.

Bakero‘ – 1st NPO Fontenay against 5,862 pigeons (Old birds – 512 km)

Iron Man‘ – 1st NPO Argenton against 3,023 pigeons (under severe weather conditions) (Old Birds – 700 km)

Triple Max’ -1st NPO Pt.St. Maxence against 3,592 pigeons (Young birds – 385 km).

Again two pigeons ranked high in the ranking of WHZB-TBOTB competition; ‘Son Blueliner’ – 11th National Ace Pigeon Short Distance WZHB-TBOTB 2019 and      ‘Summer Chic’ – 10th National Ace Pigeon Young Allround WHZB-TBOTB 2019

With a strong breeding loft, built from descendants of the old ‘Goeie Rooie’ line, purchased national top pigeons and a large number of performance pigeons from our own flying loft, we hope to excel at a high level now and in the future on the long distance and young pigeon races. We are here to stay!