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Passion for pigeons!

About M. & M. Kramer

We are Martijn & Marit Kramer. For 20 years we have formed a couple, of whom 10 years married, and recently we have a daughter Iris. Since 2007 we form the combination M. & M. Kramer and fly from our home address in Wormer.

Martijn & Marit Kramer with daughter Iris

At the age of 11 Martijn started taking care of racing pigeons. Martijn learned the tricks of the pigeon profession from his father Fred Kramer and Cees Ouwehand. Together with Fred and Cees, Martijn formed the combination F.S. Kramer & Son until 2007. This combination excelled from the 90’s of the last decade on the one day long distance in division 6 North-Holland. In 2013 we moved within our village to a larger location for the pigeon sport. Where Martijn can be called the real pigeon specialist of the combination, Marit ensures the continuity in the daily care of the pigeons and the administration. After all, Martijn has a 36-hour working week with an employer in daily life.

Combination F.S. Kramer & Son – from left to right: Fred Kramer, Martijn Kramer and Cees Ouwehand

Our pigeon colony is broadly made up of descendants of own ‘old’ lines, namely the ‘Goeie Rooie’ line. This was a beautiful red check cock born in 1996. He was 1st Ace pigeon one day long distance section 6 North Holland in 1999 (then 2000 members). As a breeder he bred our top pigeon ‘the Havik (Hawk) ‘, who became the father of ‘Cees’, one of the best pigeons ever of M. & M. Kramer. Already as a young bird ‘Cees’ flew in 2007 the 1st price from Chimay against 18,042 pigeons.
This was followed by ‘The Prince’ and ‘Jens’. In 2015 ‘Jens’ brought us our very first 1st NPO victory on a one day long distance race from Vierzon against 5,258 pigeons. In 2016 ‘Juno’ flew the 1st NPO from Chateauroux against 3,638 pigeons and in 2017, ‘Red Harry added the 3rd provincial victory in a row from La Souterraine against 2,875 pigeons.

Our strategy in recent years has been the annual purchases of (grand) children of national top pigeons. We bought ‘High Impact’ (grandson of ‘Valitas’ from R.A. Bakker & Son), ‘Super Harry’ (grandson of ‘Harry’ via Team GPS), ‘Bak 1/25 (grandson of ‘Di Caprio) from Comb. Verbree), ‘Limburgia ‘ (daughter of Limburg’s Best from Jo Hendriks & Son) and ‘Inbred Olympiade’ (granddaughter Olympiade’ at Leo Heremans). Racing with pigeons arising from this breeding team has led to the great results that the combination M. & M. Kramer now, and hopefully in the coming years, achieves !

Combination M. & M. Kramer – from left to right. Marit, Cees Bruijn (father Marit) and Martijn with ‘Cees’ after his victory from Chimay: 1st against 18,042 pigeons in 2007.